May 25, 2022

Eswatini Government receives the first of two aircraft bought by Royal Eswatini National Airways Corporation (RENAC) to revive the country’s national airline. The revival of the national airline is expected to, among other things, create direct and indirect employment opportunities for emaSwati & improve tourism development and growth.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Chief
Ndlaluhlaza disembarks from the aircraft bought by RENAC to revive the country’s national airline.

It is also expected to increase the country’s tax revenue, increase exports, become an earner of foreign exchange  & bring connectivity during national distress periods while boosting domestic production (GDP).

Inside one of the aircrafts

Through these new aircraft, the airline will provide direct flights to new destinations directly from KMIII International Airport, namely, Harare, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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