Girlfriend Gets Scammed Hackers She Hired to Break Into Boyfriend’s Phone

A PhD candidate student at a medical university in Shenyang, Liaoning province in northeast China, identified in reports only as Tian, was scammed after trying to hire hackers to break into her boyfriend’s online chat history.

Tian had come to suspect that her boyfriend “wasn’t telling her the truth” and decided to find out for herself what he was hiding.
After searching online, she found and added a person on WeChat who claimed that an app produced by their company could help her read her boyfriend’s chat history.
Tian then paid 880 yuan for their service before installing the app.

However, the scam did not stop there. To access the app after downloading, Tian had to pay 300 yuan for an activation code and 1,388 yuan for a service package. Following that, she signed a confidentiality agreement and paid a deposit of 5,300 yuan.
In the end, Tian was never able to access her boyfriend’s chat history. She finally realised it was a scam after paying the person almost 8000 yuan and called the police.


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