DRC Man Marries Triplets

A man in DRC married triplets

Mr Luwizo, a young Congolese, from the Kalehe territory, in the South Kivu province,recently married triplets (Natasha,Natalie and Nadège)from the same mother.

The 32-year-old groom said he met one of the triplets called Natalie via Facebook, chatted awhile. In an interview given to Afrimax, Mr. Luwizo revealed that he first fell in love with Natalie, whom he met on social media. Every time Luwizo went to Natalie’s and she wasn’t there, he was greeted by one of the triplets and couldn’t tell the difference. Over time, they both fell in love with him.


“At first, when we told him he should marry all of us, he was shocked.” But as he had already fallen in love with us, nothing could stop our plans since we were so in love with him. Although several people think it is impossible for three women to share a
husband, for us, sharing everything is our life since childhood,” said Natalie, one of the triplets. Speaking from his experience, Luwizo said, “I almost fainted.”l asked them, “out of the three of you, who is Natalie?” They answered that l had met them all on my various visits. l was confused because l planned to marry Natalie but what got me confused is I couldn’t marry one of the girls and leave the other two.


About their wedding, Natalie said: “We are very happy” Our dream has come true. We thought we would be separated by marriage, but God heard our prayers.”


Luwizo’s sister said she was happy for him and would always support his decision. “At first, when l learned that he was going to marry triplets, l didn’t agree, but later on, l realized that it was possible.”


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