Zimbabwean President ED Mnangagwa Responds to Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa

Zimbabwean President ED Mnangagwa yesterday said that the government was ready to deal with any disruptions in the country following the oppisition leader’s utterances during the highly hyped ‘Yellow Sunday’.

On Sunday, the Citizens Coalition for Change leader, Nelson Chamisa said he would unleash an orgy of violence should he fail to win the 2023 harmonized elections. The opposition leader also told his supporters that he will invite the whites back into the country within few days of him assuming power.

Nelson Chamisa

Addressing thousands who gathered at Robert Gabriel Square to commemorate the National Youth Day, President Mnangagwa said the government was ready to deal with such threats, which he said were counterproductive coming from a person aspiring to lead the country. President Mnangagwa said he was equally stunned when Mr Chamisa said he will invite back whites in the country once he assumed power.

” My heart bled yesterday when I heard Chamisa saying if I become president in five days, this country will be littered with whites. I have said repeatedly that Zimbabwe is built by Zimbabweans. Just Zambia is built by its own citizens, so is Botswana, Malawi, Britain. United States, China or Russia.”
He said that Zimbabwe was liberated, liberated by those who removed the very white people that Mr Chamisa wanted back in Zimbabwe.
President ED Mnangagwa implored Zimbabweans to reject opposition political parties bent on making the country a puppet state of Western countries by inviting back former colonies.
” …reject those who want to make our country puppets in our jurisdiction. The onus is on you, our young people to defend, protect and guard the independence of our great country. Well, the young people of yesteryear used the gun to bring about independence and sovereignty. Today, you only have to use your vote to defend our country.”
He said, therefore, use your vote wisely, conscious that this very right to vote was paid by blood of many young sons and daughters of our country. “Together, with us your leadership, we shall continue to build this Zimbabwe we all want. We are advanced. We are a diverse people, but one nation there is no room for hate speech. Zimbabwe is unitary state. Those who dream to divide this country should wake up in their dreams. There is no room for tribalism, regionalism, hate or violence. Your responsibility as a youth is to remain patriotic.”


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