Hello friends.
Today I am writing about how I am feeling. I woke up with a huge feeling that someone important in my life was emitting some negative energy. I always trust my sixth sense.

I could not really touch where the issue was but I felt the bad energy affecting my mood so much. I know I am not the only one who has ever felt like that. Often, we tend to tend to brush aside such and go with the wind.
I do that sometimes but today it was much. I quickly knew that I had to remove myself from there. I did. I felt so much better.

I also figured out what the source of the resentment was coming from. I had overstayed my welcome. Sometimes we stay in people’s spaces not realizing that they need a little bit of air. They cannot tell us because they don’t want to hate us and it takes maturity to note such.

When you feel some negative vibe around you, pay attention because the universe is always sending us signs and often we ignore them.
As I write I have communicated with my friend and the energy has shifted. Even though it was over the phone, I felt the sincerity.
Have you ever felt the same and what was your experience.

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