Condoms Available at Beijing Olympics But Hugs Prohibited

By Zekey

Olympic organizers in Beijing making sure condoms are available to athletes but there is catch, hugs are not permitted as social distancing guidelines intended to curb the spread of COVID-19 within the “closed loop” will be in place. International Olympic Committee (IOC) has imposed strict rules regarding physical contact among everyone that’s part of the bubble.

According to reports, condoms will be made available in appropriate quantities to those who would have checked in to stay inside the loop.
As per regulations on COVID-19 measures, Games personnel and athletes are instructed to minimize physical interactions such as hugs, high-fives and handshakes and to maintain a social distance of at least two meters from fellow competitors.

Almost similar to Tokyo Japan Games, organizers reportedly said they would give away about 150,000 condoms but athletes were to take them home rather than use them in the Olympic village due to social distancing rules and coronavirus measures.
Free condoms are given out during such kind of events to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS among athletes.


Sex in the Olympics Village has been for some time been downplayed Until ESPN blew the cover when they interviewed athletes, both retired and competing at the time, who revealed stories of parties, orgies, and hook-ups even among athletes. The idea that these women and men at the peak of their physical endurance would practice celibacy was reportedly debunked in 1988 when condoms were distributed at the Seoul Games to prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS. The distribution of 8,500-odd condoms was significant since this was the decade when HIV AIDS cases had reached alarming numbers.
Since then, distribution of condoms has been a tradition at every Olympics. Sex in the Olympic Village had become an open secret and officials began to take this seriously knowing better than to preach abstinence.

Beijing games are set to take place from Feb. 4-20 in Beijing and the nearby city of Zhangjiakou inside a bubble that strictly separates athletes and other Games personnel from the public.


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