I passed through a bed of roses and I was drawn to it. The roses looked so beautiful I had to take some pictures. Then I remembered that I passed through the same place every time and never noticed any rose plant. There were only dried up bushes in my eyes. But little did i know that inside was life waiting to blossom at the right time. If someone had pulled out the “seemingly “dry bushes would there be roses to admire? No! It means someone was patient enough to continue watering and taking care of the plant in the knowledge that there is a season for everything. My friends, you might be going through a season of dryness, don’t give up as the Lord is not giving up on you. You might not see it but inside of you is a beautiful life waiting to blossom at the right season. Hold on to the faith. There is a reason why plants lose their leaves in winter God is wise. Your season to blossom is coming. Don’t lose focus. BUT most of all, don’t be deceived in your state of impatience…Zekey

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