Air China Flight to Bangkok on 27 October 2019 became the first international flight to take off at Daxing International Airport, Beijing around 7.50am. The first inbound international arrival, British Airways flight 39 from London landed at the airport at about an hour and a half later at 9:13 a.m.


The 63 billion dollar airport was designed by Iraq-born architecture Zaha Hadid and is in the shape of a starfish. The airport formally opened in September 2019 ahead of China’s 70th celebrations on 1st October. It boasts of four runways and estimated to handle about 72 million passengers per year. China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are the main carriers based at Daxing Airport.

The airport enjoyed star attraction upon its grand opening because of the media coverage. However, it received criticism for its location which is far from the central business district which is estimated to take around 1 hour to get there. A new airport express line was opened connecting Beijing subway line 10 Caoqiao with the Daxing International airport estimated to take about 19 minutes from the connection.
Many foreigners still prefer Peking International Airport for it’s convenience. Daxing is the Southern District of Beijing.

Peking International airport remains the second busiest in the world behind Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport in the US. Shanghai’s Pudong ranks number nine. China is looking forward to becoming the world’s leading aviation center and this new airport drew them closer.

Daxing International Airport boasts of beautiful modern restaurants and relaxing areas. It’s also easy to move around and facilities are well at everyone’s reach. Though not yet fully functional one can already tell how its going to be with the buzz of the people.

Disclaimer; The article was written months before the outbreak of Covid-19 by a travel blogger Zekey. Below is the follow link for all China blogs.

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