Zimbabwean Afro Pop Star Dennis Malaya Yearns for Airplay


Dennis Chris Malaya born August 12, 2001 is a young Zimbabwean artist with more than 35 songs to his name. The unsigned Afro Pop/ R’nb singer writes all his songs and is produced by Killerz Entertainment a small production company based in Harare.

Dennis Malaya

Like many other upcoming artists, Dennischris’ music is not known to many though it is found on various streaming platforms like youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Audiomack. He says, the greatest challenges in pursuing his musical career are marketing, finance and airplay and hopes to break-forth one day.
Zimbabwe is rich in sounds. Over the years we have seen more and more faces popping up and making waves in the music industry. For some, the road has been easy as they got noticed early into their careers and enjoyed publicity and airplay. This cannot be said of other upcoming artists struggling to penetrate into a market where ‘ if you know no one, nowhere you go.’


Like many others, Dennischris can only continue to make great music waiting for his time to shine.
Currently, Dennis is doing upper 6 at Pace College. He attended Hatcliffe 2 and Moffat Primary Schools before proceeding to Churchill High School. He started his musical journey at the tender age of 11 with the release of three songs on Soundcloud.
Mr Chris as he is affectionately known speaks highly of his mother and extended family whom he cites as very supportive and always encouraging him to never give up.
As a young man raised by a single mother, Dennis speaks with great respect for women raising children alone. All he strives to do is honor his mother by becoming a man she will be proud of. His desire is to motivate other youths to stay away from trouble by following their dreams.

Dennis’ sound is young, sweet and original. He draws his insipiration from artists like Wizkid.

For more details contact +86 17601649056

Some of Dennischris’ popular songs include:

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