Kingdom of Eswatini: Best of Africa in One Country

Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini says visitors & investors to the Kingdom of Eswatini will experience “the best of Africa in one country.” He has been speaking at the celebration of Eswatini’s National day at the ongoing



Prime Minister: On Tourism: “Despite being the smallest landlocked country in the Southern hemisphere, Eswatini more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities. Our culture and heritage is deeply engrained in all aspects of Swati lives, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who visit. More than just a very rich culture, the overwhelming friendliness of emaSwati makes all visitors feel truly welcome and very safe.”

PM: On Tourism: “The Kingdom boasts of a stunning scenery of mountains and valleys, forests and plains; plus wildlife reserves across the country that are home to The Big Five and a fascinating mix of modern and traditional festivals, ceremonies and events. Any visitor will experience the best of Africa in one country.”

PM: On Tourism: “The Safe Travels Stamp that was awarded to the country by the World Travel & Tourism Council for its well-implemented Health & Safety protocols has given travelers the confidence to travel to and around the country as safely as possible. All of this affirms that indeed Eswatini is open for business and we stand ready to welcome tourists from all corners of life.”

PM: On Infrastructure: “Eswatini also boasts of some of the best infrastructure in Africa. From our transportation to water, electricity and telecommunications systems, we pride ourselves in having made significant strides as a country in terms of infrastructure development over the past years.”

PM On Infrastructure: “Our KM111 Int. Airport is strategically positioned to accept the world with good connectivity through a good road network. The airport enjoys a prime location with its direct vicinity to Eswatini parks and Game Reserves which include the Hlane National Game Park which offers an incredible safari and Big 5 experience. The airport has the capacity to accommodate large aircraft and long-haul flight operations that connect the Kingdom directly to the world. The terminal building is designed to handle 360 000 passengers per annum.”

PM: On Science, Tech & Innovation: “Eswatini has established itself as a technology and innovation hub through the establishment of the Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP), which is on our second Special Economic Zone. Half of the land on this 160 hectare SEZ is fully serviced with roads, power, water and internet connectivity and is available to industries that want to locate within the park.”

PM: On Science, Tech & Innovation: “To ensure that the RSTP can adequately provide support to all investors within the Park, Government has invested in a world class tier 3 national data centre that can provide highly efficient data storage. This is one way of ensuring that individuals and organisations looking to invest in any of the country’s sectors, and the Park in particular, are relieved of the burden of putting up a data centre. Instead, this allows them to concentrate on their core business while the RSTP handles all ICT related needs.”

PM: On Agriculture: “Eswatini is blessed with arable land across different regions. As a result, the agriculture economy is an important player in the basket of opportunities available to attain sustained economic development. Its direct contribution to GDP averages 9%, with products such as sugar cane, livestock, pineapples, citrus and forestry, among others, as well as emerging value chains in vegetables, banana and goats.”

PM: Conclusion: “We avail a vast array of investment opportunities for investors across the world. Our investment climate remains unparalleled and hence we have become home to some of the world’s multinational corporations and financial institutions. These include the likes of Coca Cola and most recently Kellogg’s Tolaram. We therefore assure all investors that ‘Eswatini is Open for Business.’

Prime Minister’s Speech in full:—Expo-2020-Dubai.pdf

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