South Africa Government Freezes Malawian Prophet’s Bank Account

The South African Government has frozen an FNB bank account belonging to Malawian Prophet Austin Liabunya.

Prophet Liabunya posted on Facebook , saying he is being investigated in South Africa for fraud and money laundering.

“It is so sad to learn from my Lawyers that they have freezed my South African FNB account and that I am under investigation for fraud and money laundering, like seriously,” Liabunya announced.

Prophet Liabunya

He then suggested that he is being targeted because there is a lot of money in his account.
“This is my company’s money not mine. And I have worked so hard to be where I am today.

“We are living in a time when you receive million in your account it’s a problem,” he said.

According to the prophet, his lawyers are currently working on the matter.

Recently the prophet posted his bank account balance on Facebook to show the world that he is a millionaire in US dollars.

Many of us will question, why flaunt your bank balance on social media?

Prophet Liabunya, like his fellow countryman, Prophet Bushiri face similar charges of money laundering. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s case is still before the courts.

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