May 25, 2022


Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has said he is not available for 2026 and will soon retire from active politics.

“I am not available for 2026, the PF should now rebrand itself with new leadership, when the right time comes, we will announce the new PF President and I will take leave, I have run my race, let me rest” the former President said .

Former President Edgar Lungu has announced his retirement from active politics following a huge loss to President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND Alliance in the August 12th General Elections.

Speaking to journalists after attending a church service at the United Church of Zambia All Saints Congregation, Mr. Lungu said he will not be available to seek re-election in the 2026 general elections.

The former head of state said he will soon hand over the party presidency and has since urged the Patriotic Front to begin the process of identifying his successor.

Mr. Lungu said he has run his race and wants to rest adding that those advising him not to remain in politics are wasting their time because he understands the law.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu has called on Zambians to give the UPND Alliance government space to work and deliver on their promises.

Mr. Lungu says the new administration should be given the necessary support in order for them to deliver on the many promises made such as free education and cheaper food.

The former Head of State says it will not be in the best interest of anyone to continue politicking because the Zambian people have already made their choice.

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