On March 2021,Zambian,Pastor James Sakala asked to be buried alive, with promises to resurrect like Jesus Christ, died on the 3rd day.

James Sakala a 22 years old pastor from Zambia decided to show his members that he was powerful and his faith could open graves. The Young Pastor dressed in pure white gown apparel like the disciples of Jesus Christ with brown leather slippers on his feet, summoned his miracle seeking congregants to witness the second resurrection to ever happen after that of Jesus Christ.

It is alleged congregates gathered around the grave he had dug and someone supposedly possessed by the holy spirit, declared and commanded his followers; “All ye of little faith, bury this Sakala you see now and he shall arise from the dead and breath his free lungs full again!”

Following the command, they buried the priest fulfilling his quest for being buried alive.

Three days passed and the anticipating congregates dug open the grave only to find the clergyman dead. Sakala was a Pastor at Sakala Zion Church and a part-time sangoma. It’s reported the police are on manhunt for those who participated in his initial burial.

Unfortunately Sakala never resurrected. The End

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