King Mswati III Announces the Reconstruction Programme Fund to cushion those affected during the recent riots.

King Mswati lll

Eswatini Government:

His Majesty King Mswati III has announced the establishment of a Reconstruction Programme Fund aimed at cushioning those that were affected during the recent riots. His Majesty also announced that Government will be contributing E500 Million as a seed of establishing the Fund. His Majesty has been speaking at Sibaya this afternoon.

HMK: “The Nation can also contribute towards the Fund as well as anyone else who feels they can play a part in assisting those affected by the recent vandalism, looting and burning of property. Investments were the most affected but we want to urge all our investors not to give up on us. We are hopeful that our economy will pick up again.”

HMK: “I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all those that were affected. We know that some people lost their lives and others had invested a lot into what they had achieved, but now they have lost everything. Our economy was still growing and the destructions and lootings that we recently witnessed on businesses, hospitals, ambulances and trucks have taken us back.”

HMK: on recent riots: “Let this be the first and last time such happens. We must leave this country suitable for future generations. They must find it on a strong foundation just as our ancestors left us with a solid foundation, a Nation of respect. Such situations should not be allowed to happen in this country.”

HMK: on SA riots: “We were equally shocked when we witnessed this happening in South Africa because when we go through such, our hope is normally directed to our neighbours. It is clear that some people no longer have a conscience. If we destroy everything, how will we survive in future? We appeal for calm in the region.”

HMK: on calls for National Dialogue: “As usual, the Nation will be called for dialogue at Sibaya once COVID-19 is no longer a threat.”

HMK: on COVID-19: “We had turned the tide as a country with as few as five cases a day but after the unrests, numbers shot up to over 100. We had already made gains and now we will have to look at how we recover.”

HMK: on new Prime Minister: “This is a man that has worked diligently for the country at PSPF and we hope he will lead the Nation with dignity and integrity. We hope he will be able to wipe away the tears of the Nation.”

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