Communist Party of China calls on World Political Parties to put the Well-being of People First

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Communist Part of China general secretary and President of China, Xi Jinping has called on the world political parties to uphold their responsibilities in promoting people’s well-being and the need for political parties to strengthen international cooperation to deal with global risks and challenges.

He made the remarks during the World Political Parties Summit held last Tuesday. The virtual event streamed live on different platforms with more than 500 leaders and 10 000 representatives of political parties taking part. The summit went with the theme;

 For the People’s Well-being; the Responsibility of Political Parties’

The summit came days after the Communist Party of China celebrated its 100th anniversary of its founding on July 1st. The main event was held at the Tiananmen Square with a grand Defence forces display. 71 aircrafts from the People’s Liberation Army flew past the Tiananmen Square and there was also 100 gun salute with 100 helicopters flying in formation of 100.

In his address during the celebration President Xi Jinping attributed CPC’s success and support from the people to CPC’s ability to fulfill its responsibility, unselfishness and commitment to serve the fundamental interests of the people. The same sentiments he shared during the World Political Parties Summit. He said China was committed to world peace, development and order. There should be international cooperation for shared development. No political manipulation for purpose of blocking others from development as it will fail. Development is the right of every country not only a small group.

Here are some of key points made by President Xi during CPC’s centenary celebrations;

  • We should work together to create a bright future for national rejuvenation
  • No one should underestimate the great resolve, strong will and extraordinary ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity
  • We have never bullied, oppressed or subjugate the people of any other  country and we never will. Chinese people never will allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or subjugate us
  • Anyone who dares try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel  forged  by over 1,4 billion Chinese
  • We are eager to learn what lessons we can from the achievements of other cultures and welcome helpful suggestions and constructive criticism.
  • We will not, however, accept sanctinous preaching from those who feel they have right to lecture us

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