May 26, 2022
Mr Laizer holding his gem

A small-scale miner in Tanzania became an overnight millionaire after unearthing two of the biggest rough tanzanite gemstones ever found.

The tanzanite was bought by the Tanzanian government for $3,4 million.
Minerals minister Doto Biteko said the government is buying the rare minerals for preservation.

“We’re signing agreements today in public to facilitate the cash transfer … and the government recognises Laizer is a new billionaire,” he said, speaking in terms of the local currency.
The new millionaire said that he plans to open a shopping mall and a school for his community.

Tanzania is a rich country, President John Magufuli is quoted while congratulating Mr Laizer.
Mr Magufuli’s administration has imposed reforms that seek to curb smuggling and increase revenue collection in the sector.
Tanzanite is named after the country of its origin, Tanzania

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